Ryukyu is proud to announce that it has entered into an agreement to be a limited exclusive agent for Special Tactical Supplies Inc.! We will be selling, at retail, a superbly made O.T.F. (out the front) automatic knife. This knife has a lifetime manufacturer’s warrant to the initial retail buyer – any problems, the knife can be returned to the manufacturer (with a copy of your purchase receipt) and they will fix the problem and return (at buyer’s expense) the repaired knife X. No other manufacturer has this type of warranty at this time.
Of course, many states are still in the dark ages with respect to knives, so we cannot sell, retail, to anyone in the Dark Age states. If you live in a Dark Age state, please do not order from us; instead, get a hand gun, it’s easier.
We have a partial list of Dark Age states, however, we have not checked me every state – it’s a long and tedious process and can change every year. Many states do not allow law abiding citizens to possess anything that might be considered a weapon or that television/movies have made into a weapon – sorry – you’re out of luck. This also includes many Kobudo weapons.

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